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Privacy Policy
"Site" refers to this Internet web site ( and its related services. "You" or "User" refers to a registered user of this Site. "" or "We" refers to

This Site contains links to other sites. is not responsible for the privacy practices of the content of any other Web sites to which We link or to which We are linked. We encourage You to read the posted privacy statement whenever interacting with any web site.

The Work Space.
This area of the Site is for the benefit of Users. The private and shared Work Space areas of the Site help to facilitate communication and the exchange and sharing of information. The information contained in private work spaces shared between Users and is not used for any purposes other than to facilitate communication and the exchange of information between the parties involved.

Information We Gather.
We will not in any way publish, sell off, or distribute information given to unless given written or verbal consent by You. Other companies tend to publish, distribute or sell off private information without consent, but that will NEVER happen with or any of our affiliates. We will keep the information secure and use online encryption software to protect your information at all times. Rest assured, your information will be safe.

If You register to use or provide services using, we may collect and store information that specifically identifies You or your account ("Personally Identifiable Information"). The required information may include your User ID, password, first name, last name, business name, address, city, state, zip/postal code, phone, fax, email and web site address. We may, in the future, include other optional requests for information from You, to help us to tailor the Site for You and deliver personalized information to You.

Online Surveys and Contests. may conduct online user surveys to collect information about our Users preferences. These surveys are optional and if You choose to respond, your responses will be kept anonymous. Similarly, we offer contests to qualifying Users in which we ask for contact and demographic information such as name, email address and mailing address.

Automatically Gathered Information. automatically collects your browser type and browser software version to tailor the presentation of the services to your platform and to maintain a record of your activity on the Site. may also use cookies to enable users to specify unique preferences and to track user trends and patterns. Users always have the option of disabling cookies via their browser preferences. If You disable cookies on your browser, please note that some parts of our Site may not function as effectively or may be considerably slower. As an automatic process, our web server software records a log file of IP addresses that access the Site. We also collect IP address information but do not ordinarily link IP addresses to Users Personally Identifiable Information. However, We can and will use IP addresses to identify a User when We, in our sole discretion, determine that it is necessary to enforce compliance with our Terms and Conditions of Use or to protect our service, Site, customers or others.

Your Public Profile.
As part of registration, You may be required to provide contact information such as name, address, city, state, zip, phone, fax and email address, some of which can be displayed to other users of our service in an effort to simplify communication between members.

Registration Information.
We use Personally Identifiable Information for our own internal purposes including contacting You or others that you refer to via email or by phone. It will be our goal to inform You or those that you have referred to us, about updates to our services and providing You with other information that we deem necessary. We reserve the right to disclose your information as required by law. We do not rent or sell our Users Personally Identifiable Information to third parties.

At this time we do not display banner advertising on our site, but we may send You email communications including information that we think may be of interest to You. You may opt out of receiving these promotional email communications, either when You register to become a Member, or at any time thereafter by contacting us .

Demographic Information, Surveys and Contests.
The demographic information that collects in the registration process and through online surveys may be used to help us improve our services to meet the needs and preferences of our Users. This may include targeting advertising to You about our services. Information we gather through a contest may also be disclosed to third parties as necessary for prize fulfillment and other aspects of any contest or similar offering.

Comments Submitted by Users. constantly seeks to improve the quality of the services We provide and the User experience on the Site. We value your input and encourage You to help us expand and make improvements to the Site by providing Us with any thoughts or comments You might have regarding our services or the operation of the Site. You can submit any comments by contacting us . If You provide this information, we will only use it to acknowledge or respond to your comments. In certain circumstances such as the testimonials page, we may ask for your permission to post your comments in marketing or promotional materials.

We will use commercially reasonable methods to keep Personally Identifiable Information securely in our files and systems. Please note that with current technology, we cannot guarantee the security of your data as it travels over the Internet. We have a state of the art 256 bit SSL certificate to ensure your information remains as safe as possible.

Terminating Your Membership.
We save your Personally Identifiable Information until your membership with us is terminated. To terminate your membership, contact us If You terminate your membership, your Personally Identifiable Information cannot be recovered. You may continue to receive email communications for a short period of time until we have updated all of our databases. After termination of your membership, your Personally Identifiable Information may remain on our archived database and records for a reasonable time as residual information. We will not use this residual information. Notwithstanding the above, we will maintain information on Users who have been removed for violating our Membership Agreement.

Correcting / Updating Your Information.
To correct and/or update your information, please contact us .

Contacting Us.
If You have any questions about this Privacy Agreement or the practices of this Site, you may contact us at:
Customer Service
27 Lazurite, Suite #200
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We have strategic alliances to service your with loans in the following states: CO, VA, AZ and NV

Marc L. Harris, DBA is a marketing company within the mortgage industry. Marc Harris (Owner) has had his Real Estate License since 1999.

Meet Our Team – Stop by and meet the professionals that will be assisting you with your loan!

Internet Security

XRamp 256-bit SSL Certificates
The page you are currently viewing has been encrypted utilizing a state of the art 256-bit SSL certificate. In order to achieve the increased rate of encryption, you will need an AES 256-bit capable browser. We suggest downloading Mozilla Firefox, the latest in security conscious internet browsers. You can download the latest version of Firefox for free here.

Our 256-bit SSL Digital SSL Certificates provide a high level of encryption, but they're compatible with any browser. Our certificates will automatically downgrade to 168, 128, 56 and 40 bit encryption levels to allow for older browsers to connect without an issue. Currently, Internet Explorer only supports 128-bit SSL certificates. Try connecting to this site using Internet Explorer and you will find that it will connect without any problems.

Secure Encryption Strength
The actual encryption strength on a secure Web site connection enabled by a digital SSL certificate is determined by the level of encryption supported by the site visitor's browser and the server that the Web site resides on. For example, the combination of a Firefox browser and an Apache Web server enables 256-bit AES encryption with our SSL certificates. That means that if your Web site is hosted on a server whose software supports 256-bit encryption — such as Apache —, then site visitors that use a Firefox browser will have their transactions with your site protected by 256-encryption. Thus with the right combination of Web browser and Web server, you can establish a 256-bit encrypted secure connection via an SSL certificate.

Encryption strength is measured in key length — number of bits in the key. To decipher an SSL communication, one needs to generate the correct decoding key. Mathematically speaking, 2 n possible values exist for an n-bit key. Thus, 40-bit encryption involves 2 40 possible values, 128-bit encryption 2 128 combinations, and 256-bit keys involves a staggering 2 256 possible combinations, rendering the encrypted data de facto impervious to intrusion. Even with a brute-force attack (the process of systematically trying all possible combinations until the right one is found) cracking a 256-bit encryption is computationally unfeasible.

Referral Program  Refer A Friend

FREE GAS CARDS will be sent for each referral that is provided via the online website A legitimate referral consists of completing the online referral form in hopes to introduce others, or completing the Quick Loan Application for yourself. A maximum of 5 gas cards will be allowed per household each month. Gas cards will be selected at random and mailed out within 2 – 4 weeks. Odds are as follows: $100 - 2%; $50 - 3%; $25 - 12%; $10 - 18%; $5 - 65%. Up to $5,000 in gas cards will be given out each month. Once $5,000 has been given out for the month, then that will be the end of the program until the beginning of the following month.

A qualified referral consists of the following: 1) All fields of the referral form must be complete (i.e. name, phone number(s), e-mail, etc.). 2) It must be a real person that can be contacted by phone and / or e-mail. Once contacted, and establishes that it is a legitimate referral, we will send out a gas card ASAP. 3) It must be a homeowner or someone that is capable and possibly interested in purchasing a property. If we confirm that the referred person has absolutely no interest in our services and is an affiliate of the referrer, just out to get a free gas card, then has every right to disqualify that referral and the person that did the referring.

FREE LAPTOP COMPUTERS valued at up to $900 can be earned by completing and submitting a legitimate online Quick Loan Application at (our website). There will be no exceptions, exchanges, negotiations or trade-ins for cash. Your laptop will be mailed out to you within 2 – 4 weeks upon the closing of your loan. This means that you would have to apply, get pre-approved, qualify for the loan, sign the loan documents, close on the loan, surpass the 3 day rescission period and keep your loan which was submitted with one of the affiliated companies that introduced you to. If you have any questions or would like more detailed information, you can contact us and speak with one of our loan specialists.

Brand name laptops will be provided. Some of the more popular products consist of last years models and current models including, Acer, Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Toshiba and many more. Laptops will be new or refurbished.

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